Recharging at No1 Bootcamp Review

No1 bootcamp review

Why I Went

For a while now I’d been feeling a heavy – in my body and in my mind, I’d hit the gym, get stressed, eat a lot, get busy with adulting then fall off the wagon it was a vicious cycle and I’d forgotten to take care of me running a business is great but if you don’t take care of you, you will crash and burn and I was well on my way! I was also just overeating and put one a significant amount of weight. I decided to go to No1 bootcamp as I’ve only ever heard good things and I have friends who had been and loved it. Just as the pop up wrapped I found myself heading down to Norfolk from London full of nerves, a little down and well heavy.

Camp and Arrival

On my first night I got weighed in, spoke to the trainers Tom and Westy about my own goals (less body fat, more muscle and a smaller waist) and dietary preferences there’s no judgement they just want to know what you can and won’t eat so your meals are tailored to you and as someone who can be fussy this was really great. I was then shown to my lovely room and had dinner. I also got to meet my camp mates, I was lucky my group was a lively one full of jokers and absolute sweethearts. Camp itself is just like a family home. Super comfortable and most importantly for me clean.


Every morning we’d wake up to find an itinerary on the wall that set the days agenda but the trainers were aware of our moods and weary bodies and would tweak things as the day went along – I really loved the awareness and care it was a very personalised week.  All I had to do the entire week was shower, put on workout gear and listen all my other needs were seen to it was the perfect break for my head but also for my body. I learned a lot about form and while I’ve always been confident in the gym I feel better equipped now and know what regressions and progressions to undertake – just last night at the gym while in class I knew to get myself a much needed bench for my burpees whereas before I’d have struggled through, hurt myself and failed to keep up.

No1 bootcamp review

So I got through Sunday which was Day 1 but at many points during the day I thought I was going to die – not from actual danger but my body was fighting. Looking at the schedule it’s normal to feel daunted but once you get through your first day you realise that you can absolutely do it.

A Typical Day

  • up at 07:00 to take BCAA
  • 07:30 Mobility – stretching and warming up
  • 08:00 Spin class
  • 09:00 Breakfast and your sole cup of coffee
  • 10:00 Weights circuit
  • 11:00 Fuel – protein shake
  • 11:30 Boxing
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:00 Mixed Circuit – I loved the day we did Tabata
  • 15:00 Fuel – protein shake / a snack
  • 15:30 Hike 3-5 miles
  • 16:45Stretch
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 18:30 4 laps of the track to aid digestion
  • Downtime – you could book a massage or we’d all hang out in the lounge or our bedrooms and try to stay up for Love Island. We were all asleep by 10:30pm if not before.

When running or walking around the camp campmates could also be counted on to shout words of encouragement or pride. It really felt like a family one bonded by well sweat.

Bootcamp do’s and don’ts

  • Be courteous
  • Make friends
  • Be kind
  • Work your arse off and you will be rewarded come weigh in
  • Don’t stay in bed and skip classes
  • Challenge yourself and allow yourself to be challenged
  • Don’t moan
  • Have fun


As a foodie which lets be real is most of the reason I ended up at No1 I was super worried about being hungry and as a vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs or mushrooms or aubergine the variety of the food. But I needn’t have worries Illiese the chef is an absolute genius. Every meal time I was met with remixed dishes – pear puree with  veggie sausages, broccoli and cabbage anyone? Or maybe pancakes with banana jus and yogurt and my absolute favourite celeriac mash – I have a whole new host of recipes to try and I’ll be trying to recreate. I never felt truly hungry and learned A LOT about portion sizes. You have your three meals a day + 1/2 protein shakes and snacks. So yes the food was great. These were my favourites:


I lost 4lbs and 14cm all over my body I also gained muscle and lost fat but most importantly I’m beginning to feel like me again. I think I lost the least weight compared to the other girls one lost 10lbs!!! Weight isn’t actually important to me it’s about how I feel so seeing my measurements change, fat % go down and muscle mass go up was the best thing.There really is nothing better than seeing and feeling your body get stronger. Everyday brought a new set of challenges and each time this body of mine surpassed my expectations. I was really comforted by how much I accomplished and will definitely be going again maybe in November just before my birthday. No1 also do bootcamps in Marrakech, Portugal and Ibiza but I’d go in the cooler months as I definitely do not do heat … at all!

I put my body through its most challenging week ever and left a stronger, lighter woman. I highly recommend No1 to everyone go with your bestfriends, your man or go alone like I did you’ll have the best time. I saw all different shapes and activity levels at No1 so wherever you’re at in your fitness journey you’ll fit right in. I loved my 1 week tune up but you can stay for up to six months!

Wearing Peak Vigour Hibiscus leggings and Peak Vigour Charcoal Croptop.
Peak Vigour is a new up and coming brand you should all check out! These leggings stayed up through spinning, weightlifiting and hundreds of squats – I’m super impressed as I always have to adjust my leggings usually. They are also flatteringly high.

After bootcamp you are sent three days worth of meals – perfect to keep you on track. I’m watching my portions, working out 5 times a week and feel more empowered to just get on with it. I have gone to lose a few more pounds and inches but I’m taking it day by day and I just feel so excited to workout out every day, I’m back in love with me and there’s no better feeling!

A big thank you to everyone at No1 Bootcamp especially Fu, Westy, Tom, Iliese, Jez and Pippa.

No1 bootcamp review

For even more information on No1 Bootcamps head over to their website


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