Let’s talk about periods

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m obviously not a doctor just a girl who cares about her body and the environment.

To be honest I’d been on the pill for 5 years solely as to not endure that time of the month, as I’d pass out anywhere or spend days at a time in a dark room feeling weak and the pain you guys- was not cute. Had I known that I could use an alternative like say, CBD oil supplements, that could provide some comfort, I could have used it, right? I once sat at a bus stop howling and crying in pain much to Alex’s dismay. Handling period pain is difficult. But I hear that there are several ways to deal with this situation. Sex. Yes, sex and sex toys like these light up butt plugs are some of the most effective methods that can provide relief from menstrual cramps. I know it’s a long shot for some women. Besides the pain, the kind of sanitary product you use also contributes to the discomfort.

I decided to come off the pill at the beginning of this year to see how my body had changed ands if it had changed at all. I have always cared about the food I eat and what I wear but I’d never considered that my sanitary products may not be good for me but sticking dubious cotton in you yoni is probably not a good idea.

TMI I can’t use pads because lets just say my three day flow will not allow it and leave it at that!


Tampons can contain chlorine or hydrogen peroxide and ofcourse dioxins. I also need to use applicator so throwing away all that plastic month after month was adding up enter DAME which has super cute packaging, they have a reusable applicator I’ve used for 3 cycles now it’s made from medical grade materials and comes with a cute pouch that fits in my tiny purses and organic tampons. Their tampons are £3.45 for 14 similar to the big guys really. Their tampons are hypoallergenic & pH neutral with nothing but the absorbency of natural cotton. I’m a fan no leaks and no problems.

There is also a brand called Albany Mae that I’ve used since January which has regular organic tampons but no applicator. I need super and super plus most of the time but these are great if your flow is lighter than mine!

Both brands tampons are biodegradeble and you should check them out!

Pain relief

I’d taken every tablet my doctor could prescribe for pain and nothing ever worked. I was even starting to look here to see if CBD might be able to help me out with the pain, as it’s supposed to be a pretty good anti-inflammatory. I am honestly so surprised that I’ve not had so much as a cramp since coming off the pill. My ovary region does get a little tight just before and during my menses and I’ve found these patches from Be You super helpful they promise natural pain relief. They are patches you can put on anywhere I like to put them low on my belly or my lower back and they have a warming sensations which dissipates the tightness I get – perfect for busy days as no-one can see them and I am free to be the Boss Lady I like to believe I am. ‘The two ingredients of the patch are Eucalyptus oil and Menthol. These get absorbed (slowly) through the skin and help ease the muscular tension which causes period cramps. All natural. All you.’

I’ve also seen new tampon alternatives, in the aisles at Tesco, Waitrose and Boot but I tend to stick to what I know.

There are now also newer ladies pad options, period pants and silicon cups but honestly while I’m very intouch with my body those two are a step too far for me but I hear only good things.

Have a great week and I hope you’ll try out something new!



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