Bantu Knots

Soo Happy New Year! Can one even say that in March?

I’m trying to experiment more with my hair this year, I am incredibly tired of the crotchet/braids/hair out rut I have been in. There are a wealth of hairstyles I’m yet to try while I’m still technically a ‘baby girl’ first up Bantu knots. Aptly named after the Bantu people – a comprehensive name for some of the ethnic groups in South Africa where much to my fathers chagrin I partially hail (He’s Zimbabwean… it’s a whole deal).

Bantu Knots where how my mother used to stretch my hair when I was younger but they were never a style I wore by choice. So it feels very full circle to do it myself.

There are some hairstyles that I don’t feel pretty in but I feel very powerful in Bantu knots is one of those hairstyles but it’s also been one of my most complimented ones which was unexpected. I’m the first person to call herself super confident but when I step out of my comfort zone I often a little more about myself, With my forehead our there wasn’t anywhere to hide with this style I found myself purposefully seeking eye contact while walking to gage reactions.

In this double breasted jacket dress, my current favourite specs and the boots of life on I felt like the baddest that ever did it – tailoring and black maybe my security blanket but they are also my suit of armour.

Glasses – Ollie Quin (gifted)

Earrings – Relic London

Boots – We Are Kin (unreleased)

Blazer – Zara

Have a great week loves x



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