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For a while now, a while being at least 4 seasons I’ve been on the hunt for a sassy faux fur but I just hadn’t had any luck. Each one I found was either too bulky, too long, too short or just missing something – clearly I’m Goldilocks when it comes to outerwear!

Luckily I saw this bad boy on and managed to get my little mitts on it. I also feel a little like Cat Moon when ever I wear leopard print which is hilarious as I’ve never watched a full episode of Eastenders but it makes me feel like a woman on a mission, there’s a little pep in my step courtesy of the print.

These boots are the bees knees if you’ve read this blog for a while then you know how anti high maintenance/pain I am, I’m the comfy girl when it comes to fashion and beauty. I tend to struggle with ASOS heels arch wise they tend to hurt me but with these platform pumps rock I can walk joke strut in them and they don’t hurt the moment I put them on!


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Coat – ASOS
Boots – ASOS



I’m wearing: coat ASOS*|boots ASOS*|poloneck JCREW|jeans TOPSHOP|bag LULU GUINNESS

Have a great day peeps and check back Wednesday for my curated list of the very best ‘OTK’ boots.



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  1. lela
    / 6:44 pm

    The boots are so ‘sassy’


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