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Hi Lovelies, these are some of the shots I took yesterday at LFW.
I met some more lovely blogger peeps MagdaFritha, Gem, Jen & Lily, saw some old friends and ran into my cousin Olivia. Crazy huh?
I thought I’d start of with the people I met, the next post will be on who I wore and more about the brand which is 3 Floor Fashion btw.
Oh and don’t you just love Jameela Jamils studded skirt?
I met Kate Nash I took her photo as I loved her coat she said she liked my dress and I asked her if she was press and she was like umm nope I’m Kate Nash – then I totally fan girled over her, how different does she look? Also she is so nice irl too ♥

Also I have changed the blog url – you can now find me on blogger, tumblr and twitter under iamnrc 🙂

                                                       Have a fab weekend lovelies.

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  1. / 4:54 pm

    wow fashion week looks amazing

  2. / 6:09 pm

    oh i was at fashion week too.i saw few of these people you took photos off.
    did you see buba london? i work for them. I was in the long maxi dress.
    are you there monday or tuesday. and thank you for your lovely comment. love your blog! xxx

  3. / 7:25 pm

    Amazing pictures!! I would love to be at London Fashion week 🙂

    Take care,Daniella xox

  4. / 8:05 pm

    Super pictures! It’s great seeing what everyone is wearing!

  5. / 9:36 pm

    LFW looks so amazing, great pictures!
    Thanks for the lovely comment, i love your blog, i’m following!

  6. / 9:57 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. / 10:59 pm

    great pics! i always like the london fashion week style pictures better than ny 🙂

  8. / 1:17 am

    I love all you’re photos, looks like you’re having an amazing time xx

  9. / 9:43 am

    Lovellyyy photographs, i love that girls green tips haha 🙂 & i loved ur berlin photos btwzz, i loved it when i went there hehe xxx

  10. / 12:58 pm

    Woow, Kate Nash looks very different indeed! Didn’t recognize her! Fun post :).

  11. / 1:57 pm

    Jameela Jamil is my girl crush at the moment, absolutely adore her!
    Looks like you had a great time, you look lovely 🙂 cant wait to see more pics!

  12. / 3:41 pm

    I am genuinely jealous of you meeting Kate Nash – I love all of her looks and even when she changes she seems to stay true to her style. I love all your snaps!
    Kat// frock&roll

  13. / 4:13 pm

    I wanted to comment below your Berlin post but that wasn’t possible for some reason.
    Since I have been at the memorial three times now, every time I have stayed in Berlin – I feel like I have to put things right about what you wrote.
    I don’t know where your info is from but it is completely different to what I learnt about the memorial – there is symbolism behind the whole memorial. It also has a name “Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas”
    The 2711 grey blocks are meant to symbolise gravestones, also there are similarities to typical Jewish sarcophagus graves (especially to the ones in Prague & Jerusalem)
    Those blocks should keep reminding us that millions of Jews didn’t have a gravestone.
    It is also said that the grey of the blocks is supposed to depict ash which is also grey. The slant of the blocks and the uneven ground is meant to make visitors feel uncertain.
    There are critical voices though who complain that the memorial is only for the European victims which obviously should be changed. But then there is more victims like the Romani people for example who also were but into concentration camps etc.
    I can assure you that Germans most certainly are the last who would hide the happenings before and during WWII – children learn about the Holocaust at school from a very young age.
    The fact that the memorial is in the middle of Berlin should emphasise that as well, if they wanted to hide it, they wouldn’t have placed it a few steps away from Brandenburger Tor, which is the landmark of Berlin.

  14. / 8:35 pm

    So I see your lovely comment on my blog whilst my hair is drying and it totally makes my day, then I’m like “I better check out this gurlls blog”, so I click on your blog and BAM! pure amazingness hits me in the face! Love love love your blog! deffo following 🙂 AND I’m uber jealous of you going to LFW! Luckyyyy gurll! xoxo

  15. / 11:43 pm

    great photos! it is so amazing seeing the individual style from lfw-and you captured it so well! 🙂

    xx, thefashionethusiast.blogspot.com

  16. / 2:18 am

    Looking like a model! You have beautiful skin!! Also, the qualities of those photos are superb!

  17. / 9:04 am

    Wow, you just blew me away! Seriously, gorgeous style from all you gals… love the hair (lady w/red coat) – your chevron maxi dress… beautiful hair too!

    Jam always looking hot and just plain amazing shots from LFW – thanks for sharing and also for stopping by! Will be back for more!


  18. / 5:19 pm

    I had to retake when you said KATE NASH was in the pictures!! wow she looks so different!, ..i look the black spikey shoes! deadly.

  19. / 8:56 pm

    lovely photos! had to go back and find the pic of kate nash she does look well different! xx


  20. / 8:59 pm

    I love ur pictures and outfit
    do the two girls on your left in your 5th picture have blogs?

  21. / 9:00 pm

    love London Street Style, compared to NY, Paris and Milan, you will never be bored with its funky, weird and fascinating looks.

  22. / 9:13 pm

    i love this post. one day I wanna visit London Fashion Week and all international fashion weeks. But for now I keep enjoying Berlin Fashion Week 🙂
    Love Lois xxx


  23. / 11:04 pm

    lfw looks amazing! i loveee the styles you saw, especially the 2 girls in the bright skirts they look great. i adore jameela, such an amazing opportunity to have met her! love this post :)xxx

  24. / 3:31 am

    love your blog,your picture!
    love all there!

  25. / 3:40 am

    Those studded loafers are amazing!! Can’t wait to get mine!
    thanks for your comment!


  26. / 9:41 am

    i love the pictures and you looked so great xoxo

  27. / 11:59 am

    I love seeing what people wear to FW!

  28. / 5:23 pm

    great photos! I love the one galaxy print dress, and the hair in the last photo! neon is soo great


  29. / 9:00 pm

    Oh those studded flats. I would love to have those. Amazing photos!

  30. / 10:48 am

    LFW was amazing this season. Looks like you had a great time.

  31. / 6:04 pm

    Love the street style snaps! So many gorgeous outfits! 🙂

    Caroline x

  32. / 8:23 pm

    Holyyyy smokes. So many amazingly dressed people. Ah, I wish I were there to see it. I bet you had a blast. PS. Your beehive is pretty damn amazing.


  33. / 10:21 pm

    Such a beautiful collection of photos! Definitely the best collection of LFW street style photos I’ve seen so far.

  34. / 2:02 am

    wonderful shots gorgeous!


  35. / 8:17 am

    great pics, love the style………….your newest follower…………..xx



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