I hate high heels

I really don’t know how you girls do it, someone please tell me your secret, I have a closet full of them and the only time I’ll wear them is when I know I’m going to be sitting down for the most part or when I won’t be out for longer than a few hours.
I see girls shopping in them, working in them and running in them.
Is there a big secret I’ve missed out of because after 2/3 hours my feet are screaming and I have zero pain intolerance ha. Why do you do it? How do you do it?
I need to know because I have a collection that needs to be put to work but I just can’t bring myself to do it, I like being comfortable and I guess with two brothers I’m not too much of a girly girl I’d rather just wack on a pair of flats and have fun than totter around in heels wondering when I’m going to fall and break my ankle.
So ladies talk is it just me? Am I simply an oddity or do  you all know something I don’t?


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