Head to Toe Black

In my early teens and much to my mothers chagrin I went through a stage of wearing all black  all the time, to be honest its  something I still do. Black is my favourite colour and wearing it head to toe makes me happy. Head to Toe Black

This was my outfit for Day 1 of PFW. I’ve been super inspired by mens street style lately, guys just tend to layer black on black on black and still look awesome! Also Alex’s pinterest is my go to when I don’t know what to wear.

I couldn’t resist wearing my Liliyang bag again!

Head to Toe Black
black fashion blogger

I’m Wearing:

Hat – Topshop

Cape – Borrowed from Mom

Jumper – Nellycom*

Dress – ASOS

Bag – Liliyang

Leather Pants – ZARA

Shoes – Nellycom




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