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Last month I was invited to an incredible Nike Training Club launch and class with Ellie Goulding, she did an amazing set and then had us all workout to her latest workout.It’s safe to say she’s another addition to my fit girl crushes, she slayed her workout and looked great at the end while I was trying to figure out if I could get home without passing out ha!Ellie Goulding Nike Workout

The Nike Training Club  for the initiated is essentially a series of workout classes hosted by Nike in certain cities. They at times follow the workouts on the N+TC App. The N+TC App is free, available on Apple & Android and a great way to get in shape, target areas you want to improve and generally give you an idea of what to do, how to do it and how often. I am a big fan of walking into the gym or my garden with the confidence a set workout  gives me so the N+TC app is my best friend in the gym (that and the Nike Running app when I’m out pounding the pavement).

Ellie Goulding’s ‘Tighten and Tone’ workout is challenging in a good way and having done it a few times now it is great to see improvement within myself each time in terms of core strength and the combination of the routine is one I really like (and hate equally haha) it involves burpees, side kicks, pike pushups,scissor jumps, seated scissor kicks and side planks and running in place it is straight forward and effective. The Tighten and Tone workout is great for your core, arms and legs!

Ellie Goulding Nike Workout

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Faisal Ellies trainer, Ellie Goulding and my fit girl crush and Mast Trainer Sonja Moses <3

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I highly recommend downloading the app and setting yourself a training program. I’ve found working out gives me a clear mind, energy which really improves how I feel overall.

You can do many of the workouts on the app in your room without any equipment too!

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