I just want to be tall | cuffed jeans

cuffed jeans




I suffer from delusions of grandeur in many aspects of my life tbh but most notably is my refusal to believe I am a small person, (not irl but) growing up in a family of tall men being 5″5 makes me feel beyond tiny. So in my super frazzled state a few weeks ago I ordered new jeans they arrived next day and when I put them on I realised I’d clearly subconciouslt bought tall jeans because in my mind I’m tall as you can see from the images this is not the case ha! Also I’m wearig a shirt that’s available next season and it’s just my favourite wardrobe staple I couldn’t not wear it already I love a double cuff! I hope you love it once it’s in stock and I also hope it makes the cuffed jeans seem more organic ha!







*side note this is probably the worst seo post in the history of blogging. soz

I’m Wearing jeans ASOS shirt WE ARE KIN bag & mules NEXT


photography by Joshua Brathwaite



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