Budapest baby Viszlát édeseim

In between the eating, drinking, cycling,partying and general funtimes it was easy to forget to take blog photos sorry y’all however here are two outfits we did manage to shoot Day 1 and Day 4 to be precise. I hope you likey x

Sorry about the quality but this is what happens when I don’t have KC/Alex to hand lol.

Photos by Bia
What I’m wearing:
Dress – ASOS
Headdress – Primark forver ago
Bag – Ruths
Sandals – I’ve forgotten
Bracelet – Hungary H&M
Bandeau – Marks and Spencer
Hat – H&M
Trousers – Zara
Shoes – H&M
Bracelet – Hungary H&M
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  1. / 3:21 pm

    My twitter timeline told me you had a good time haha! you look gorgeous!♥

    • / 3:36 pm

      hehe sorry bub x

  2. / 3:25 pm

    you look gorgeous! love both outfits <3 x

  3. / 4:59 pm

    I adore both these outfits!! You look amazing! That dress is so pretty and I love the cut out front, and the trousers have such an amazing print, so different!
    Love your style, following you now =)

  4. / 8:56 pm

    o myyyy, your ASOS dress is lovely, looks lovely with the flower crown 🙂

  5. / 10:00 pm

    Thanks for visiting my blog lovely 🙂 Those trousers are so so nice, you have a gorgeous figure xxx

  6. / 12:20 am

    I really like your blog and style! You seriously pull off those pants, they look fantastic on you!

    Treasure State

  7. / 3:30 am

    hi, budapest is such a beautiful city! and about alexa chung… i like her when she is not speaking. she looks good… though when she opens her mouth… soooo B O R I N G. I am curious to watch her debut on TV… I can’t really watch her TV programs and stuff… she is really boring… however, I kind of like her clothing… and inspires me… even though I am not what we call thin and trendy! very nice blog lady, you’ll read from me more often.
    have a wonderful weekend!

    • / 9:06 am

      Ah oh I look forward to it. Also agreed I like her till she speaks too hehe.

  8. / 8:54 am

    Looks like you had an amazing time, so jealous ! xx

  9. / 11:38 am

    So so it all xx

  10. / 5:01 pm

    I love the outfit with the purple dress and perfectly matching headband. Stunning!

    Xo, Imke

  11. / 2:20 am

    love the 70 style pants, never been to Budapest, looking forward to pictures from there.

  12. / 6:41 am

    gorgeous trousers – the print and cut are perfection! you’ve got a lovely style 🙂
    x stace

  13. / 1:04 pm

    give me your bod please, those pants look great on you


  14. Great post !

    Love your style ! Such a great inspiration


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  15. / 2:36 pm

    You look wicked Ngoni! Glad you had a good time! Reaaaaly feeling that 70’s vibe 😉

  16. / 10:22 pm

    Love those trousers! and LOOVE your about me haha by the shortened NRC you’re Nigerian I’m guessing?? haha you literally had me at ‘Forget Drink,Drugs and late nights on the town pass me a cookery book and a sewing machine. ♥’

    I’ve followed and added you to my google chrome favourites!
    Sara xx

    • / 10:52 am

      hehe I’m such a gimp, ty hun x

  17. / 1:54 pm

    The pink dress looks so nice, you look gorgeous. x

  18. / 9:43 am

    love your pants, they really emphasize your figure.those photos are really cool!

    also thanks for your comment:)

  19. / 3:53 pm

    digging these ‘fits! and wanna go Budapest now.

    J x

  20. / 6:48 pm

    I remember visiting Budapest 3 years ago, I liked it but it wasn’t really for me! I love your second outfit, it’s great. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment, really like your blog; I’m following you now!
    Daniella x


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