Fitness| Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+

I was invited down to the Nike Inovation centre on Wednesday to learn more about the
 Lunar Hyperworkout+ trainers. (Perfect really as I am/was looking to do a training shoe review/post as a few of you have asked about it).
I ended up actually trying the trainers on and jumping and even doing a jumprope (click here for a blurry jumprope picture) challenge vs Abimarvel would you believe. Each move was shown on screen as the sensors in the shoes detect them. The sensors measure how hard, fast and often you train. The Nike+ app makes training more fun and alot more competitive as Abi and I found out.
They are super light (as opposed to my current Nikes),comfortable and very well ventilated but what really impressed me is that I wouldn’t have to manually log my workout sessions each time I did them as the trainers are/can be connected to the Nike+ app on my iPhone perfect right?
I think these maybe my first post house move purchase after putting them on I really didn’t want to take them off. I love that they are black lol but as they have just been released maybe Nike will do more for the colour fanatics among us.
A negative for some might be the £170 price point
but after doing a pro and con list my mind is sated
as with everything girls think about what works well for you.
I also like these and these.
The next fitness post will be a fitness update eek.
Have a lovely weekend.
More shots from the day on my instagram @iamnrc


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