Review| Windows Surface Tablet

windows surface 8 tablet

I posted last week about the dinner I had at The Apartment hosted by the Windows team, I also mentioned that I’d be reviewing the tablet so here goes:

The Surface tablet was incredibly useful during London Fashion Week. If you are familiar with Windows 8 or the Windows Phones its pretty much the same. As a Mac user I’ll admit was prepared to have problems with the Surface but I had none.


It was simple to use and understand

It’s quick to open programes, you can set your most used pages or apps to your main menu for example my social apps and WordPress account were set to my homescreen which meant I could quickly get on with blogging or what have you by simply touching the icon. This also allowed me to stay in touch with what was going on with Facebook/Twitter as you get snippets on the homescreen.

It really just feels like your using a laptop/tablet hybrid

If you have difficulty typing on a touch pad/ simply prefer a physical keyboard you in luck as the cover is a detachable keyboard.

Theres a kickstand so you can work on the go. I did quite a few of my preliminary LFW posts on the train as it is soo stable.

Its very light

There is a USB port so you can access your documents on the go or like me attach your SD card and access your photos

The best thing about the Surface for me is that it has Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher and Excel which is pretty great for a student like me or someone who works on the go.


It feels awkward when held in portrait mode  – this is literally my only complaint


Oh btw  32GB Surface costs £399 the same amount as an iPad 4 with 16GB

The is a micro sd card reader so you could potentially add an extra 64GB worth of storage

Did I mention you can connect a HDMI cable to your tablet? Well you can hombres!

Front and back camera 

NRC x 

                                        * disclaimer – all thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by monetary gain*


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