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It’s nearly time for Nike’s Womens only 10K and I wanted to share with you guys a different kind of outfit post and share a little about how I like to work out, it’s a question I get in my inbox everytime I post something fitness related on instagram. What to wear to workout

Everyone has that outfit that makes them feel sassy and powerful. For me it’s a great workout wear – a supportive sports bra, gym leggings or high quality tracksuits, a top and appropriate footwear for whatever classes ass I plan on kicking. I feel my strongest when I’m heading to the gym. Perri Shakes-Drayton on our Nike retreat last year said one of her secrets to a great training session was to look good while doing so and this is something I obviously agree with. When you look your best you do your best. And I don’t mean slap on a load of make-up for the gym ladies. I mean invest in a great kit! A kit that makes you feel strong and confident. You can also include wearable devices in your kit to help you track your progress, like fitness trackers made by Garmin or similar brands. These devices can boost your motivation levels and, if customized with some sporty Garmin watch bands, they can perfectly complement your workout apparel. Then again, when it comes to workout wear, it’s not all about skin-tight lycra. You can wear looser clothing if that works for you. Just make sure you have great support with your footwear and bra.

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I’m Wearing |NIKE Tech Pack Fleece Jacket*|NIKE Legend Leggings*|NIKE Studio Wrap*|NIKE Top*| ALEXANDER WAND X H&M Workout Mat|

The outfit I’m wearing here is typically what I wear to yoga, pilates and to stretch. For running I stick to a tight Nike Dri Fit tops, the Pro bra and running shoes. For HIIT and mat work I love the Nike Flynit Zoom Agility.

Yoga – has been amazing for me in regards to flexibility. I couldn’t even touch my toes (seriously!, and now I’m doing all sorts. Moreover, I have grown fond of it because of the mental peace I can achieve due to it. It fills me with calmness. Perhaps, this is the reason why yoga is also included in therapies offered by rehab centres like Arista Recovery (which seems to be situated in Shawnee Kansas)–the calm it provides can help patients cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Whatever be the reason, I am glad that people are slowly understanding the importance of yoga.

HIIT – I’ve been slacking on high intensity workouts just because uni was so crazy busy but now I’m done I’m easing back into my routine of three/four workouts a week different HIIT workouts are what help me in regards to weight loss as nothing else really works for me.

Weight training – so many women still fear the weight room but ladies doing weights will not give you crazy muscles, weights are amazing for toning and weighted squats are beyond amazing for your tush.

You could even get some equipment for your training regimen – either bought or leased! Yes! You can rent or lease gym equipments! Especially if you live in parts of the UK, there are companies like Hirefitness are now supplying Edinburgh, Glasgow and other parts of the country!

I recommend doing some sessions with a personal trainer if you are new to the gym or bored with your routine in order to have a great plan to follow that works for your body. I also love love love the Nike NTC training app (it’s on apple and android) which features amazing targeted workouts from trained professionals




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