The Apartment Summer Hunt

So a couple of weeks ago I got to have one of the funnest days I’ve had in a long time when I took part in The Apartment Summer Hunt- their first of many I hope *wink wink Abi*.

Our day started with a delicious breakfast at Aubaine.

At breakfast we were split into teams and given envelopes with clues in for where we were headed during the day. On my team I had my darling Nathalie of No No Coco, Tony of Fashitect, Lela of Lela London. I’m super competitive and after finding out our first clue was an appointment at the body shot I had my team high tail it out of there … I get a little competitive you see.

The Apartment Summer Hunt
Lush South Molton Street Bloggers

At Lush we got to do the Emotional Brilliance challenge (a wheel with lots of colours is spun and you pick the first three that catch your eye. You then get  a colour reading the first colour being your strength or weakness (Mine was Passionate which is definitely an accurate description of how I feel about life… and food) the second is your subconscious (Mine was Feeling Secure I’m a pretty secure person in most aspects of life) and the third is your aspiration (Mine was Driven and I definitely aspire to be more driven especially career wise) I love this and we got some corresponding lipsticks and eyeliner in our shades. Try the challenge online here


Lush Emotional Brilliance

After Lush We headed over to Claires for out next challenge – We had to creat some rocking arm parties and for the second challenge we had to pick out the perfect minimal piece, I went for a silver ear cuff as its statement and minimal too.

And we ran into the other group.

The Apartment Summer Hunt

After all the fun we had in Claires we got a car over to Pizza Express where they had Champagne and Garlic Dougballs waiting for us. We were then told to get out Pizza Express aprons on as we were making our own pizza. I chanelled my inner Nigella and ended with Dough in my hair  tres sexy!!

It was awesome being taught to make my favourite Pizza Express Pizza by a pro (Its a Padana Legarra incase you were wondering but instead of goats cheese I get Gorgonzola – its awesome you guys!)

We then got to eat the fruit of our labours and Lela won for best looking Pizza.

After being fed we got into another car across town and ended up at Westfield Stratford. Our next clue led us to Debenhams were we were split into twos and given each pair given a dress code we were to attend Lela and Tonys pretend wedding you see. Yup I attended a fake fashion wedding – now thats a story for the grandkids eh?

Nathalie and I got Gothic Elegance – cue both of use in feather capes and what we though were elegant outfits. It was so much fun seeing everyone in their gear. Kit one best dress for following her 1920’s dress code perfectly.

We then went to NEXT where we had to style our selves and Blair/Serena and in Tonys Case Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl but also make it work with our own style.

I’m more of a Blair so I went for a casual upper east side look with a coordinating top and trouser combo, gorgeous loafers and a lovely structured NEXT bag and ofcourse glamourous jewellery I was after all channelling Blair. It was so much fun running around picking out outfits and after a quick shoot we were told we could keep all our picks which was great as I didn’t feel like changing.

We then headed to Wahaca – I love Mexican food so this was the perfect way to end a crazy day.

A big thank you to the Apartment team – you rock!

And special thanks to Abi for the images.



  1. Nikki
    / 8:15 pm

    I wondered what that day was about on your instagram look like a lot of fun!
    I love Shini!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • iamnrc
      / 9:38 pm

      It was ace!

  2. sandra
    / 8:39 pm

    can we just discuss the fact i’ve never seen you smile on your blog and that picture looks great! smile more. (also is it creepy i said that lol) love your blog x

    • iamnrc
      / 9:39 pm

      Lol thank you, I just don’t really smile to be honest when my face is relaxed. I call it Chronic Bitchface… its a medical condition loool X

  3. / 8:43 pm

    Wahaca is one place I still haven not visited where in London is it?

    • iamnrc
      / 9:38 pm

      There is a few – Stratford and the Tottenham Court Road ones are the only ones I’ve been to.


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