The end of an era

Finding a prom dress was a tedious process and I couldn’t find anything I liked. 
I found this beauty three hours before my prom lol. 
The moment I put it on I knew I just had to have it.

I’ve known these ladies (I was at a girls school) for seven years so it really does feel like the end of era ,
but its also the beginning of new things.
 I feel so free and happy since finishing school and it was really nice having one last chance to eat and be merry with everyone.
There were a million and one pictures but here are a few.

Oh and I wore eyeshadow for the first time ever 😮 

The girl in the yellow dress is one of my oldest friends Paige, she was my prom date.

Dress – Sousourada
Earrings – Tiffanys
Hair Gems – Claires


  1. / 11:00 pm

    WOW! you picked a perfect dress, suits you to a T – love the dip effect on it.
    2nd shot of Paige is stunning.
    Such a touching/personal post, thank you for sharing.

    Jen xx

  2. / 1:07 am

    oh wow you were sooo beautiful for your prom! Totally love your dress sweetheart <3

  3. Your dress is beyond beautiful!! OMG you look fantastic! It fits you perfectly and the color is amazing on you! I LOVE IT!! You are so so pretty on your special night. I know this night was bitter-sweet because you are happy to be finished with school but you will leave a lot of your friends. Thank you for all of your sweet comments! Kiah

  4. / 6:37 am

    You look absolutely stunning in that dress Hun….x

  5. / 10:30 am

    Very nice sense of style!*
    You looked gorgeous,hope you had fun!*


  6. / 11:34 am

    Beautiful dresses! You both look lovely!.

    Love your Shades of Grey post! nice shoes and the bag is awesome.


  7. / 1:13 pm

    your prom dress is gorgeous, love the colour! what gorgeous eye make up too. congrats on finishing!!x

  8. / 2:53 pm

    ALL you ladies (and the guys too) look amazing. The two tones of your dress suit your skin tone so perfectly and I like how you’ve gone for a floor length gone but kept it elegant rather than OTT. Simply beautiful.


  9. / 4:02 pm

    You look amazing! I love the dress. I hope you had a great time! 🙂

  10. / 6:08 pm

    sooo pretty:)
    I like your blog, so I am following:) thanks for stopping by mine, and hope you will follow me too:)

  11. / 7:09 pm

    You looked amazing. You bought looked sweet.

  12. / 9:50 pm

    3 hours?? that’s crazy!

    you look stunning!

  13. / 11:39 pm

    3 hrs? really? brave soul,it’s a great dress on you btw!


  14. / 3:15 am

    loooooove your purple gown, so Grecian like. And your bff/date looks amazing as well.

  15. You both look so pretty! Glad you were able to find something. Your dress is amazing!

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  16. / 8:20 pm

    Also the wedding dress and the purple dress are beautiful!

  17. / 9:16 pm

    Purple is your color! Hope you had a fabulous prom!

    xx rk


  18. / 11:03 am

    the dress looks amazing!
    the colour suits you well and I really like what you’ve done with the makeup:) looks good
    and your friend is adorable. Her dress is lovely as well!

  19. / 12:33 pm

    absolutely loving ur eye make up!

  20. / 4:40 pm

    Love the dress and the color … Also the hair goes perfectly with the look!!! Hope you girls had fun! 🙂

    ♡ from ©

  21. / 12:25 am

    Looks like you had such an awesome time! You look amazing in your purple gown! xoxoxo

  22. You’re dress is absolutely stunning!! Your make-up, hair, shoes…everything is just gorgeous.

    Thx for your comment on my blog girl. I would love to follow each other let me know.

    <3 Marina

  23. / 10:05 am

    Wow! Beautiful dresses! You look stunning!


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