Super Easy Mediterranean Vegetable Tart

I like Sacla and was lucky enough to get sent a box of goodies this week. I  also like quick and easy recipes so this Mediterranean Vegetable Tart was perfect to make for you all to try! It is pretty tasty too.

You will need:

Sacla Fiery Chilli Pesto (or whatever version of these you prefer)

Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, Courgette, Red Onion, Tomatoes (or get a pack like I did waaay cheaper)

1 Puff pastry sheet

Mozzerella (I only use a little as I dislike how tastless it is andI add my favourite cheddar too)

Olive oil (I use chilli olive oil)

Step 1- add some oil to your baking dish add vegetables, drizzle a little more at pop into the oven for 15 minutes at 150.
Step 2 – Roll our your puff pastry and add as much pesto as you want leaving 2cm free around the edges.
Then rol up your pastry 1 cm and fold it as a border all the way around. Add the roasted vegetables
Sacla Recipes
Add as much Mozzarella as you want – preferably more than I use as I’m lactose intolerant (I also used grated cheddar). 
And pop into the oven untile golden – you can brush your pastry with a beaten before putting it in.
Mediterranean Vegetable Tart
Et Voila simple Mediterranean Vegetable Tart serve with new potatoes and basil (or whatever takes your fancy).
Mediterranean Vegetable Tart
Let me know if you make this. It really was simple and delicious!
The best part is the pesto lasts two weeks  in the fridge so you know I’m making this again next week.





  1. / 4:10 pm

    The best part is the pesto lasts two weeks in the fridge so you know I’m making this again next week.

  2. / 5:27 pm

    I fell in love with the picture, the idea and then made it, and was in heaven. I am a lover of all things quiche, and this is simply delicious. It is taken from the formidable Ottolenghi, who I am a huge fan of. The recipe comes from the book Plenty- page 84. It is simply bursting with a medley of vegetables and cheeses, eggs and cream, all placed on a pastry base. If you feel you can almost taste the calories, then stop reading now, but I am a believer in enjoying life to the full and this Mediterranean tart, is it. I served it with salad, and it lasted a few days and kept well in the fridge, then reheated it. I used the quiche base part of the recipe, baked it and then follow the instructions below. Quiche . The recipe is a bit long winded, but the steps are quick and easy to follow. I suggest you have small steel bowls that holds all the different vegetables and ingredients. It is much easier to work that way and you have the look of a professional.

  3. / 9:15 pm

    The best part is the pesto lasts two weeks in the fridge so you know I’m making this again next week.

  4. / 2:08 pm

    Let the tart cool 10 minutes in the baking dish, then carefully invert it onto a cutting board. Replace any vegetables that stick to the dish, if necessary.


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