Summering in St Moritz

So we all know St Moritz for it’s winter sports but did you know it’s pretty fantastic for watersports too? St Moritz (Sankt Moritz to the initiated) like much of what I’ve seen of Switzerland is simply gorgeous!

Summering in St Moritz

What to do

Sit on your paddleboard and look up and around at the landscape and just taking in an Alpine paradise – rolling mountains, clear seemingly endless lakes and the bluest sky. It’s the ultimate live postcard. And it’s a great full body workout peeps – I know this from the way my core and legs felt the next morning ha! Stand Up Paddleboarding is my new sport and one of the best calf exercises! I managed to stay on the board for longer than 3 minutes straight it’s perfect for solitude or with a few friend just taking in the scenery around you and just being!

views from my paddleboard

Try sailing – noone died and the boat did not capsize when I was at the helm. What a win! Sailing is soo incredibly thrilling and for someone like me who is easily distracted required real concentration and subtle movements.Summering in St Moritz

Spend an afternoon checking out newly opened Ovaverva a Pool, Spa and Sportscenter with unparalled views over St Moritz. I was poolside with my book and when I’d get too hot I’d jump into the pool for an invigorating swim, get an underwater massage from the jets or simply sit by the edge and just admire the magnificent Engadine scenery. They do have a strict no camera policy so do beware. I also have to add the building itself is just amazing it’s not your average British “gym” think big open spaces, lots of cool interiors and ofcourse those views.

Go on a bike ride – one morning we went cycling and yodelled all the way around the lakes and hills (I’d like to take this moment to apologise to the people of St Moritz who may have heard us).

Go fishing – Yes I went fishing! Did I can anything? No! but I had fun trying it out.

Spending time in the hotel Spa -The Margna has a hot tub that faces out into the mountains perfect after a long day of adventure. I can also imagine what an amazing place it is to go back to after a day of skiing.

Where to stay

The Margna in Sils is a different kind of hotel from the places I usually frequent it used to be a family home (a large home I may add) and is now a hotel. It’s traditionally Swiss you won’t find any sharp jaunty angles, ultra modern art and uncomfortable furniture here it does have all the modern amenities one expects however. I really enjoyed staying here it felt very homely.

Nira Alpina the Nira is definitely more my vibe it’s super modern but laidback with traditional Swiss touches. We had an amazing dinner and drinks here again the views surrounding the restaurant and bar are amazing.

What to wear while:

Paddleboarding – a wetsuit with your swimsuit underneath, whether that’s a pair of wetsuit pants and separate top, or a full-body one. However, if your wetsuit is too big it might not work properly. The extra space between the body and wetsuit will allow more water to enter between the wetsuit and the body, making it more difficult to stay warm. Therefore, you might want to know how to make a wetsuit smaller, in case yours is big.

Sailing – a shirt dress with a swimsuit underneath or shorts and floaty top and maybe a jumper in case it’s overly windy. Y

Fishing – jeans and a layer or two and sunscreen

Spa-ing? – comfortable clothes, your towel and a swimsuit (preferably a fashionable one – check it out beforehand and get something nice) for the pool. The spa provides robes and towels but it is separate from the ppol.

Traipsing around St Moritz in the summer – a shirt dress, minimal trainers, a good watch and a subtle but statement bag. The Swiss in St Moritz tend to be more laidback albeilt still chic. No socks and sandal combinations here! But also no logomania subtle sophistication is best that also goes for make up.

It’s safe to say I’m in love with a new place in Switzerland.

How to get there:

We flew Swiss Air from London City – beyond convenient and quick. Visit

Then we took a 4hr train transfer from Zürich but it is such a scenic journey you take in soaring bridges, extraordinary gorges and glaciers on your way.

There are also charging points which if you are anything like me with my myriad of devices you’ll appreciate. See for train information.



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