Stylish Folk

Here are some of the photos I took at LFW that I just loved.
her blazer and shorts were ASOS and that stunning bag is Fendi.
I’ll find her info somewhere in my notebook, but I remember her shoes were Topshop.
The stunning Victoria Loomes, her hair is amazing and
even though she was in a rush she still made time for me and my Canon.
I adored this burger bag
The ladies from
I didn’t get his info but his shoulders <3
The lovely Shini from was so lovely about having her photo taken and pleased I read her awesome blog, then the Kristin from sauntered over sans dog 🙁 and I took pictures of the both.
In between these shots they were moaning at each other and deciding whether to smile or pout hehe.
Its always nice meeting the people whose blogs you read about and realising there friendly in real life too.
And last but by no means least  I met the fabulous Lennie @stylist_dog
He’s so cute!


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