A Review of the Bamboo Spark

Let’s talk about my new favourite gadget the Bamboo Spark.

When it comes to tech the simpler it makes my life the better . Usually, when I’m out and
about I carry a notebook and pen with me as I often find myself inspired or wanting to
remember to look up/search for something. These initial sketches and writings then form
designs which I translate on paper and then they need scanning to make them digital copies
then I have to open up Illustrator to clean them up … it’s an ordeal and the one part of
designing I’m not fond off. Review of the Bamboo Spark , 

For a while, I’ve wanted a more streamlined way to work that was still very tactile I prefer drawing
on paper to digitally but then I need digital copies for forming moodboards, planning a
season or archiving designs and  here is where the Bamboo Spark comes in. You can draw on
paper (a notepad is provided but you can also use any other a5 pad)and your sketches
are digitized at the push of a button no laborious processes needed!

Also, you can make notes and lists and these are translated into typed text again at
the touch of a button – which is a feat as by itself as my handwriting looks like it needs
a translator.

The Bamboo Spark is easy to use and it streamlines my design process I’m sure you
now totally understand why it’s my new favourite gadget. You can export your files
individually as Jpegs, PDFs or you can combine them and export them as a multi-page
PDF plus you can email your notes I do this when working with a team I make notes
and email them out so easy! You will need to download the Bamboo Spark app however
to use the Spark but it’s super easy to work with and you get a free cloud account
to store your work.

Whats in the box:

-Bamboo Spark smart folio
(this connects with Bluetooth to sync on your devices)

-Bamboo Spark Pen andextra ink cartridges



See how I use the Spark in my day to day via this video:

You can see more on the Spark on the Wacom website by clicking here or buy it by clicking this lick here.

*This post was written in collaboration with Wacom. I used my Bamboo Pen & Touch till it fell apart earlier this year after 4 years of heavy use (I also have a habit of dropping things). So when Wacom got in touch I knew it’d be a product I’d love and well I do ha!

Have a great start to the week and let me know your thoughts!




  1. Louise
    / 12:45 pm

    You are so inspiring I have been a reader of your blog for so long lovely to see this and that video I think i need to learn to draw no hehe.
    Louise from Kentucky

  2. Rudo
    / 12:47 pm

    your voice is so nice!!!!!!!


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