Review- Lush Spa Kings Road

I should start by saying I’m a big fan of Lush products and am usually popping into my local store to get my Lush fix so  once I found out they offer so many spa treatments and in several locations I just had to review one for you all.
I love going to the spa, I like that I always leave feeling better than when I came in but I usually go for the conventional option that is a massage however I was encouraged to try out the latest Lush Spa treatment – The Comforter? and I’m so glad I did!
It involves a melted warm chocolate scrub (yes you saw that right people chocolate), a quirky soundtrack, a magical room and even bubbles – yes really!
The treatment it self was indeed very comforting I came out of it feeling relaxed, exhilarated and my skin felt pretty good too. Infact it still does!
When you think scrub you don’t really think comforting or pleasant but this one was delightfully different and your are kept warm the entire time.
If I could have The Comforter? every Friday evening I would, it was so relaxing and its now turned me into a scrub aficionado.
The Lush Spa is located underneath the store, so when you go in you approach a member of staff.

The treatment room at the Lush Spa  looked so magical.
And afterwards I had a lovely candyfloss drink to revitalize me.
The Lush Spa
123 Kings Road
Tel: 020 7376 8348
I hope you enjoyed my review, Let me know if you go for the Comforter? treatment!


* I was a guest of Lush and my treatment was complimentary however as always these are my honest thoughts 


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