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Confession I’m not really a girly girl in the make up/beauty sense. I like having a straight forward and quick routine, I take 10 minutes tops to do my hair and make up and the idea of spending a hour doing both is essentially my worst nightmare… I could be eating something in that time ha. Lashes by Liana

I am however all about enhancing what God gave me subtlely – read I want to look like the best version of me but without having to spend ages doing anything.

After hearing that getting eyelash extensions meant going for  a while without using mascara or those annoying strip lashes  (which was a win in my book), I promptly trotted down to Marylebone to have the lovely Liana doll me up. One hour later I was homeward-bound and looking like a whole new woman.

Eyelash extension aficionados warned me that getting them becomes a habit as you just can’t go back and I’d have to agree. I’ve really noticed how much more they highlight and frame my eyes and also because I wear glasses they really make my eyes pop more.

Only one person noticed I’d had them done everyone else just kept looking at my face trying to figure out what had changed for the better one friend even asked if I’d had work done – true story!

My bespoke lashes are now nearly three weeks only and going strong, they are easy to take care of, I have noticed no damage to my own lashes and they don’t affect my wearing contacts or glasses. I love them compare to strip lashes as they are tailored to me and the just look great, the lashes look and feel natural I feel no extra weight and there is no irritation to my eyes. Take a look at my before and after:

AS2A1235 Lashes by Liana

The fun bit  one of my readers will win a complimentary set of upper lash extensions worth £120 by following Lashes by Liana on Instagram & Twitter and tweeting #getlashedbyliana and a winner will be picked at random. The comp will close in 10 days 12th February and the winner will be announced shortly.
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