We Own The Night x Nike Fuelband Challenge

Last month I headed to Milan with Josh for Nikes 10K run We Own The Night Milano after winning Nikes Fuelband Challenge; it was between two other bloggers and me – I racked up 50,000+ Fuel during the most active week I’ve ever had. For someone like me who never wins anything a price this epic was an awesome surprise.We Own The Night x Nike Fuel

Nike Fuel is essentially a unique unit of measurement created by Nike it measures how active you and and for how often. I use my Nike Fuel Band to record this you can also use a Nike+ Watch or the running app. Training for a 10k (or any race) is made super easy by the Nike Coach built into the Nike Running app. It tells when to run, how long to run and your rest days.I trained with my best fried Alex of wetherest.com and can not recommend running with a friend enough it helps to keep you motivated.

I have always preferred going to gym over running out  but I can now honestly tell you I’m inlove with running. Beating my past times each time or having a better pace was such a great personal encouragement. I always say the only person I a in competition with is myself and when it comes to running it is definitely true- they feel of utter pride you feel after running better or realising you can go longer without stopping is sublime.

Also nothing clears your head like your feet pounding the ground, your jam blasting in your ears and your body moving in a time honed synchronised rhythm. I can’t truly describe how it felt t ross that finishing line and knowing that I had owned the night. I’m so grateful to Nike for the opportunity and will definitely keep running. Alex from Fashercise described running as a bug and I’ve definitely caught it!

Now you won’t catch me doing a marathon but there are many more 5k’s,10K’s and half marathons in this girls future!

The 10K in Milan is different from London as the route goes to different places in Milan- you get to really see the city at night which has its advantages in London it was around Victoria Park.

Running We Own The Night really brings out the spirit of community and sisterhood I saw so many woman helping each other, pushing each other and even sharing their water. It is such a fun race and as it is dark you feel a lot less self conscious.

After the race ends there are lots of refreshments available- drinks, snacks and well earned champagne as well as a vibrant after party.

We Own The Night x Nike Fuel


Using the data gathered during the Nike Fuel challenge Marcin Ignac created a piece of digital artwork called ‘Fibre’.

(Illustratons commisioned by Nike and drawn by http://www.magdaantoniuk.com)

MagdaAntoniuk_Free_02 (1) MagdaAntoniuk_Uk_06 (1)

(images provided by Nike of the 10K We Own The Night Milan)


prerace warm up

WOTN2014_DUOMO_large low_YO__DSC8063_large 

Images of milan mostly taken by Josh(joshuabrathwaite.com)

The most delicious gelato I’ve ever had! make sure to head down to tres gazelle if you are ever in Milan.

milanese streets

A big thank you to Nike for the trip, the opportunity and my new found love for running.

And I hope to see you guys at the start line for next years we own the night be it London, Berlin, Paris or Milan.




  1. Chimi
    / 12:24 pm

    I’ve never head of this race it looks great.

  2. Stef
    / 2:22 pm

    Wow well done on winning. I follow you on instgram (@ste_f) you seemed to have a great time training and running girl

    • iamnrc
      / 12:33 pm

      thanks and yes I did

  3. Jamie
    / 12:23 pm

    Great shots, I’d love to run 10K!

    • iamnrc
      / 12:33 pm

      seriously do it next year!!

  4. Lou
    / 10:09 pm

    those illustrations are amazing. milan looks fab!

  5. / 9:06 pm

    Wow… what an amazing event… We Own The Night- what an incredible thing to do.


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