Skirt made by me


  1. / 5:51 pm

    So pretty missy, the skirt looks gorgeous

  2. / 6:32 pm

    WOW it all looks so dramatic, love you lipstick gorgeous!

  3. / 7:53 pm

    WOW! I can’t tell you how much I love your skirt! Following you 🙂 xx

  4. / 10:11 pm

    I thought your skirt was vintage! I am impressed you made it! I love it, its very chic and feminine!

  5. / 11:30 pm

    Your skirt is amazing, and you can trust me on that! I’ve had quite a penchant for floor-length skirts in various silhouettes…I haven’t touched pants in ages!

    Thanks for the follow!
    Xx Gaby

  6. / 11:33 pm

    Oh my this skirt is fantastic and you made it yourself you did an awesome job it’s breathtaking!!!!

  7. / 12:34 am

    That skirt is STUNNING! I absolutely love it- it’s so chic with the maxi length and the polka dots, and it has great swoosh ;P I really like how you styled it with a military-style jacket, too. It provides great contrast and sleekness.
    I’m so pleased you enjoyed those posts!! 😀 xx

  8. / 7:36 pm

    can’t believe you made this!
    your sooo talented 😀

    I wish I could make stuff like that and you look gorg in it, really suits ya xxx

  9. AH. Amaziiiiing job with the skirt! You’ll have to post a tutorial. ITS SO CUTE. And you REALLY can’t go wrong with polka dots. Uhhh huhh.

  10. / 2:57 pm

    polka dots ftw! I love this skirt!

  11. / 4:13 pm

    Love your skirt! this look is so cute!! 😀

  12. / 4:58 pm

    You made that skirt?! IT’S INCREDIBLE!!! And these photos are fantastic, I love your lipstick too!


  13. / 5:26 pm

    The skirt is stunning, and your lipstick looks fab against the monochrome xxx

  14. / 5:02 pm

    I want that skirt! I’m slowly growing my maxi skirt collection, i’m I love with how much flow your one has!!

  15. / 10:48 pm

    You look amazing &that skirt is lovely !
    Great blog definitely following
    Mantenso xx

  16. / 9:37 pm

    So pretty miss


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