Models of Diversity & Oxford Fashion Week

Models of diversity (access their website by clicking here) aim to showcase many types of beauty through there diverse range of models models. Theychallenge the fashion industry’s long-standing interpretation of beauty and marketability’.
As we all know fashion is always moving with the times and I personally yearn for the day when Black White, Asian, Biracial, Tall, Petite, Thin and Curvy models are on the catwalk without the media and ourselves labelling them as plusize or exotic but simply as models.
Which is why the work that MOD and the lovely Angel Sinclair are doing resonates so deeply with me,I was at Oxford Fashion Week yesterday and  had the pleasure of meeting her and some of her models aswell as a chance to pop into the MacMillan Clothes Extravaganza (posting pictures of my finds soon).
I will be arranging an interview with Ms Sinclair soon so stay tuned.

I will be arranging an interview with Ms Sinclair soon so stay tuned.


  1. / 11:41 am

    Awesome and what lovely pictures!
    Just going to check out MOD now

  2. / 11:57 am

    Great photos, That biracial models hair wow

  3. Eliza
    / 12:07 pm

    It’s lovely to have a refreshing slant to the fashion world. The pictures are amazing and it’s different to what we normally see in fashion.

  4. / 12:12 pm

    what a lovely idea!

  5. / 12:21 pm

    You would have pictures of male models in underwear wouldn’t you lol.

  6. / 1:22 pm

    I like what the organisation stands for and I like the zoomed in shots because of the details

  7. / 6:14 pm

    Nice shots

  8. / 11:38 am

    i love these photos, especially the last one with the beading on the body!

  9. / 1:07 am

    Now that is breath taking!! The industry can be so closed minded when it comes to opening the door to different shapes and looks of models. Thats just amazing!!

    Editor & Chic

  10. / 6:54 am

    Diverse beauty – all shapes and sizes and colors! Love it!



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