LFW| John Rocha Aw14

John Rocha simply gave me life this season. I have been finding myself awfully disillusioned with Fashion of late I find it harder and harder to get the high that used to come so easily to me. John Rocha Aw14

I adored the presence of endless organza organza ruffles, applique, tweed and ofcourse the headgear- I like the idea of my millinery entering a room before I do.

My favourite outfit was the 13th look the trouser pant paired with the most extravagant ruffled top.  It just screamed my name. I love when the proverbial wheel is reinvented when it comes to black.

John Rocha Aw14

First up my favourite look and a 1 minute drawing with acrylic (I’m trying to be less refined with my sketching):

John Rocha Fashion Week Illustration

NRC_9163LFW| John Rocha Aw14LFW| John Rocha Aw14NRC_9107john-rocha-aw14_8john_rocha_aw14_darren_gerrish_british_fashion_council_31NRC_9116NRC_9144


LFW| John Rocha Aw14

Happy Tuesday loves!




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