how I wear white trainers

how to wear white trainers

My name is Ngoni and I love a good duster-coat x midi combo, throw in a pair of sneakers and well
I’m  sold! I wore this look on day 3567652 of fashion week. Here I’m with some superbabes Natasha
Girl in the Lens
 & Yanin I dress myself,  Calum was lovely enough to snap us!! Soo I have always been
a Nike girl (save the Fila and Fubu stage between the age of 6-9),I like what I like and tend to be pretty
devout at times ha but when I spotted these badboys on the Schuch website well I had to have them!

ADIDAS sneakers| NEXT dress| WE ARE KIN neckt tie| RUSSELL & BROMLEY bag|KARL LAGERFELD watch

how to wear white trainers

russell and bromley snakeprint bag

how to wear white trainers

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Photos by Calum Girl In The Lens

Have a great week peeps! how to wear white trainers




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