How I wear a high waisted pencil skirt

I’m hoping you have all had a fantastic start to the New Year woot-woot, and if you didn’t make sure you own the next 364 days and show them just who the boss is!

There are times when even I have to put away the sneakers and throw on a pair of heels, Ofcourse these times are few and far between especially with my university work load being what it is but this coat and skirt combo I wore on NYE  was just begging to be worn properly -read with heels, lashings of lipstick and a sassy sashay in my step. How I wear a high waisted pencil skirt

How I wear a high waisted pencil skirt


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The gorgeous wrap coat I’m wearing is currently in the sale(here) and I can’t recommend buying it enough- it is a wardrobe staple that is timeless and I’m really into only adding wardrobe staples to my closet during sales so treat yourselves guys!AS2A1108How I wear a high waisted pencil skirt, iamnrc, how to wear a pencil skirt, reiss coat, wrap coat,AS2A1083

I don’t really believe in making resolutions on a specific day, I tend to just make plans and follow through whenever they hit me, I see life as a continuing work in progress but if I have to write something down for the year then it will read like this :

I will focus on what truly matters and waste no time on trivial things and people.

I will continue to grow and to embrace it.

I will run more races and  keep hitting the gym with my brother.

I will take on challenges as the come and overcome them.

I will talk less and listen more.

I will explore even more of our gorgeous planet (post-graduation) and to find more  awesome

places to eat.

I will be happy and super sassy!

Oh  and I’d really like a job  come May so universe get on that :)!

Thank you for all of your patience and continued support throughout! I’ve had a so many encouraging emails from some of you especially after my university post and it’s great knowing many of you are in the same boat or have come out the other side.

Happy New Year!




  1. Lola
    / 1:15 pm

    You are so hot in this Ngoni like woah girly.
    Happy new year to you too.

  2. / 7:15 pm

    Yes to these new year goals girl (I wish you so much luck with that job request it’s hard out here I don’t what imma do when I graduate next year oh my goodness). And thanks for sharing where you got that belt, I’ve been looking for a wide one just like that it never occurred to me to check ASOS!


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