Hello NYC

I fell hard and fast for New York  and I was very surprised from memories I had hated the city and found it to be too busy and loud perhaps this had to do with being a child at the time and maybe now that I’m bigger and lived in London I can handle the crazy. To be honest with you though the US of A has never held much appeal for me, I prefer visiting countries with centuries of culture and to be frank a healthy appreciation of black people – this girl isn’t trying to die abroad! Hello NYC

Now being African I know better than to generalise a whole country based on the actions of (more than) a few or what I see in the media but I was just looking to get my work done, come back home and back to London as soon as possible. The 7hr flight wasn’t exciting me in the least either BUT thanks to some eyelash batting at the boarding desk my dreaded flight was upgraded, my meetings went well, I got to hang out with one of my London friends who has recently abandoned me for NYC, made plenty of new friends and generally had a ball oh and the food – the food was phenomenal. When I moved to England 16yrs ago now  the vegetarian options were limited and going out meant chips and a salad at every meal and now although we have more choice we have nothing on NYC, I was in vegan/vegetarian paradise and I fully expected to come back a stone heavier but surprisingly no weight gain yay!

A quick highlight reel of what I loved doing outside of all the meetings and the drinking *hides face* :


Barbuto – the farro was phenomenal and the wine even more so

byChloe – amazing vegetarian ‘fast food’ and the cashier gave me a free cake

Public Hotel – Abi recommended I go here for froyo and boy did it not disappoint, typically when Abi recommends something to me I do end up loving it!

Mole – Mexican food with a possible side of celeb spotting

East One – the biggest and yummiest malt pancakes in NYC – I tried many places ha!


The Whitney Museum – was holding a Calder Hypermobility exhibition and he is one of my favourite artists

The Museum of Modern Art – Duh I actually managed to catch the Comme Des Garcon exhibit which I loved, I also spent some of my day relaxing in the MOMA courtyard and drinking overpriced and downright horrible coffee

I also had a picnic in Central Park with a friend – read we popped to Wholefoods for snacks and sat on the closet bit of grass we could find and I did some painting while we caught up


Beacons Closet – I scored some amazing designer finds for less than $50 a pop here – go! go! go!

The Apartment by the Line – Like Net-a-Porter in an apartment


Dover Street Market

Assembly New York

Hello NYC


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hello nyc


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