hello 2016

2015 was a year filled with a lot of milestones, finishing my Graduate Collection, Graduation, moving to London and leaving my loves behind, working at Gareth Pugh, connecting with old friends and meetings sassy new ones (sorry Drake) and now working on my new project which has been keeping super busy -I’ll be sharing soon! There has been both negative and positive changes that I have needed to accept, embrace and see positively.

2016 will be all about embracing life (now that I am a proper grown up now hello bills and council tax) being grateful and thankful for the life I lead and also seeking the positive in situations. It’s easier to focus on negativity and therein forget all the good and positive.

Happy New Year to you all from me and thank you to my subscribers new and old!

I will be a better blogger in 2016 just as soon as I push through with this project ha!

I truly believe power of words, love light and positivity in 2016 I aim to :

Just Breathe – taking time to truly see the beauty life has to offer and to enjoy one moment at a time – it can be easy to skip moments or to focus on negativity but lately I have been and will continue to enjoy and to bask in the good when it comes.

Accept  – accepting things that I can’t change has been a game changer for me from people to situations if it’s truly something I can’t change I just have to let it be. This has meant cutting of dead wight – negative relationships and work.

Pursue Joy – it’s okay to be choose yourself and to make yourself happy and it’s perfectly okay to get rid of people that get your down and situations you aren’t okay with. And also being yourself helps with joy, I’m at my happiest when I am honest about well everything lol  read I’m not the friend to ask if you look fat in your jeans but I also mean owning and being honest about my feelings and my work.

Cultivate – Making time for my loves. It’s easy for me to focus on work so much and forget about the amazing people  I love and who love me, I will be making a more concerted effort to be there even if it is just the occasionally ‘Good Morning, Have a Great Day or I love you’ text that lets them know despite the madness that is life I’m there.

Wishing you a super awesome New Year, next month I’ll have big, scary but fulfilling news eeek!




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