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This was my hair immediately after being cut.

Haircut at Daniel Galvin

So I cut my hair… well Debbie at Daniel Galvin cut it and I like it. A lot.Haircut at Daniel Galvin

I have always tended to avoid hairdressers after one too many mishaps I used to feel the give an inch take a mile idiom was made for hairdressers and their scissors. After 4 years of working with my ‘fro and braids and heading towards my last year in education I was ready for a change that would leave me with manageable fuss free hair.

I turned to Jess who recommended the Daniel Galvin Marylebone Salon. When I do a review I tend to head out without looking at other reviews I find it gives me an unbiased opinion so when Carmen and I headed to Daniel Galvin on George Street I went with almost no preconceived notions (well I had heard unavoidable praise about the level of service/colouring from friends and acquaintances over the years).

 The Daniel Galvin Salon on George Street is without a doubt impressive. It looks like a 5 star hotel from the outside and upon entering I half expected a bellhop to come over and take my bits. I checked in at a marble reception desk manned by four girls  and had a seat, my hairstylists apprentice came to get me and we had a little tour around the elegant salon before I met the stylist. The decor made me think of a chic hair laboratory it’s clean, luxurious and elegant in an inviting way.

There is a wall to wall water feature next to the stairs that take you down to the Salon Bar Cafe and the stylists sections. There was an army of staff in every direction and lots of happy looking customers getting their hair done (I even spotted a certain fashion mogul and my hero reading her paper while waiting). Although the salon is beyond impressive the staff all seemed very friendly – lots of smiles and general chit chat was going around and it was all very relaxed.

I had my hair washed then was whisked off to Debbies chair to get my hair done. I talked to Debbie about what I felt I needed and why but ultimately let her have the reins, she snipped away while regaling me with tales of her work in fashion, fashion weeks etc she put me at ease as she snipped away. I could barely look in the mirror though seeing all that hair falling away was making me so nervous. Thirty-five minutes and a ridiculous amount of hair on the floor later Debbie announced she was done.

I arrived with dry, unmanageable, crazy hair hidden under a headwrap and left with a sleek, defined graphic cut I can play with. I did feel a little naked without my mane but after putting on my current bold lipstick of choice – Givenchy Le Rouge I felt great.

Before I left I was told off (in a caring way) about not having had my hair cut, advised to get the occasional deep conditioning treatments and of course regular hair cuts. Leaving the salon I had that cliche pep to my step walking down Oxford Street.

Having been to the Salon I can’t reccomend it enough and I now understand the buzz about Daniel Galvin just mentioning where I got my hair makes people talk about their own great experiences and can see why it is the salon for so many stylish Londoners and the well heeled.

I wore my haircut out during Fashion Week and I got soo many compliments (after the shrieking died down of course).

“At Daniel Galvin, you can rely on a final look that perfectly suits your lifestyle and helps project your true personality.” Reads a line on the website and I can’t agree more!

The best thing about my experience is I got what I asked for and then some. A big thank you to the awesome Debbie and ofcourse the Daniel Galvin army for having me.

Pricelist here.

Daniel Galvin
58-60 George Street,
London W1U 7ET

0207 486 9661
[email protected]


*I was invited to have a treatment at Daniel Galvin however as always my opinion is my own. I honestly can’t recommend it enough*



  1. Tanya
    / 3:17 pm

    wow now that is a haircut!

  2. Joy
    / 3:18 pm

    Oh I love DG I always go there for my colour! Great review. Do you miss your big hair though?
    Joy x

  3. / 3:54 pm

    wow I can’t believe you cut all that hair off. i have a salon phobia too


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