Givenchy Dahlia Noir- my favourite scent

Givenchy Dahlia Noir is my current favourite fragrance.

I usually wear mens fragrances as I find them alot stronger and they have more longetivity than womens and I like that they contrast with my personality. However Givenchy Dahlia Noir is strong, sensual and feminine like you know me [insert laugh here]. You can barely pick up any super floral scents it has a bit of spice to it, its musky and it stays on forever which is perfect.

Also everyone around me seems to really like it and I often get asked about what I’m wearing, it even got Alex mrhardtopleaseihateverythings approval!

Oh and the bottle is black and silver which we all know is my favourite combination on anything!   Givenchy Dahlia Noir

Givenchy Dahlia Noir perfuming moisture dew, Givenchy Dahlia Noir 50ml and a Givenchy Dahlia Noir candle. Dahlia noir perfume
 I bought this Givenchy Dahlia Noir set in Debenhams* a few months back and its not available anymore.
It does however currently retail at £36.25, £51.67 and 62.50 for the 30ml, 50ml and 70ml respectively.
So there folks it is my current favourite scent.



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