Food| Leek & Potato Soup

Not one but two recipes today aren’t you a lucky bunch lol
This is another super simple recipe, its filling and full of flavour and pretty healthy. 
Win Win Win am I right? 

You will need :
2 Leeks
3 Potatoes
3/4 of an Onion
2 Garlic sections
Cream (optional)
2 pints of vegetable stock
Finely chopped fresh Parsley
1 teaspoon olive oil / a 1 cal spray (this is what I use)
Black Pepper and salt (I don’t use salt but if you do then go ahead)
Chop the leeks, potatoes, onions and garlic.
Leeks and potatoes into 2cm chunks and finely chop the onions and garlic.
Sautee the onion and garlic for a few minutes then add the leeks.
Add the stock then the potatoes the pepper and the parsley.
Keep watch and prod your potatoes after 10 minutes and if they are soft you are done.
You can either have the soup like this or use a blender/hand blender to blend it all together add cream (the amount you use is to your discretion I’m lactose intolerant so I tend to use it in the soup I make for my family and not myself) and garmish with some parsely.
Et voila you are done.
Try it and it will become a firm favourite.


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