Food| Berry and Granola Superseed Smoothie

Even if the rest of the day goes awry I like knowing that I started my day with the best possible start for me.Berry and Granola Superseed Smoothie

I love a smoothie in the morning  I can whip it up and be done in less that ten minutes and given that I’m not a morning person this is perfect ha! Also a smoothie is perfect post workout I make it before I leave and when I get back ravenous I can eat something tasty and healthy and no that is not an anthithesis!

Also I tend to buy batches of berries or as they were just in season the raspberry and blackberries are from my allotment and then just freeze them. It saves of wastage and makes your smoothie even colder :p!

My current recipe is a glass full of homemade almond milk (2 cups diced blanched/raw almonds 4.5 cups water
1 tsp. vanilla extract), a handful or two of mixed berries, a banana (usually frozen but I didn’t have any left) a small handful of granola and Purition chocolate superseed smoothie blend (available here). I use Purition because its high in protein, fibre and full of omega 3 all things I need more of in my diet especially being a vegetarian.

Berry and Granola Superseed Smoothie






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