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When I first started thinking bout heading back to the gym The thought of forking out alot of money for branded workout clothes was not something I was interesting in thankfully NEXT stepped in.
I wanted clothes that are comfortable, girly and would allow me to get my workout on without fussing about what I look like.
These pants have a roll up section which means that when I’m bending , doing yoga I don’t have to worry that I’m flashing my derriere to everyone behind me. The have a great hold and no vpl yes!
 I like the top its lightweight, loose fitting and most importantly I feel comfortable in it. I like it so much I’ve ordered a grey and black version, and I think the cut out is lovely.
The most important thing I was looking for was a good fitting sports bra, being a 30F/32E/34DD (different stores mean different back and cup sizes for me) meant that most sports bras  just don’t work for me they either hurt, fit horribly or don’t hold me enough. The NX bra has got an amazing hold which means that when I’m running on the treadmill I’m not scared I’ll knock myself out lol but seriously its a great sports bra!

I have had all these pieces for over a month – I’ve washed them, worked out in them and even ordered extras and with prices from £12 to £16 they are great value.
Unlike other workout pants I’ve had these havent faded.

A big thank you to NEXT 
And I hope this post had helped you as I didn’t know where
 to start when I looking for workout gear.
Have an awesome week lovelies.



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