Recipe| Black Bean and Potato Nacho Bowl

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I often buy potatoes with hopes of enticing my Mother to make her amazing cheddar parsley mash, she’s currently (writing a book) or as I see it on strike and refusing to cater to me so I had to find another alternative for my potatoes cue this Black Bean and Potato Nacho Bowl or as I shall now refer to it the bowl of yum!

Hot or cold it’s a good un!

I’d reccomend making it for a game night/movie night with friends, picnic or when you just want to eat something big on flavour and easy to make.

To serve 3 or to make  a big sharing bowl you will need :

2 medium sized potatoes and two sweet potatoes|

a can kidney beans (washed)|

an avocado|

chilli powder (to your taste)|

minced garlic|

fresh coriander(cilantro)|

sea salt|

2 spring onions|

half a red onion|

a teaspoon of chilli olive oil|


black pepper|

small tomatoes|

cashew cream or sour cream with a big squeeze of line and finely chopped coriander to dress|

How to 1. Cut your potatoes into wedge shapes, brush with oil, black pepper and your seasoning of choice 2. Add your  oil, garlic and onion to a skillet, stirring occasionally for 4 minutes on a medium heat. 3. Combine together adding the avocado and spring onions and drizzle with the dressing of your choice.

Oh and totally serve with Desparado beer because it is awesome and there is in it tequila!




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  1. carrie
    / 8:44 pm

    This looks amazing, definitely making it this weekend


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