Bellapierre Review

I’m definitely one of those girls who likes to keep it simple when it comes to make up – primer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and brow powder with the same brands I’ve used for a while now. However at a recent press day I came across Bella Pierre a mineral cosmetics brand. Long story short the make up artist tried some out on me and I was impressed.
As someone with skin that is pretty scarred I need full coverage foundation and because of this had never felt comfortable trying mineral foundation just because I didn’t think it would compare to my liquid full coverage foundation but I was wowed by Bella Pierre so I had some sent over used it and did an honest review for you all.
The packaging –  the packaging is simple but well thought out and ofcourse in my favourite colour way black and silver so no complaints here. The compacts are pretty cool and perfect when you need an on the go top up. They come with a compartment underneath the foundation with a puff for that purpose. I would recommend using a brush though as I just find them to be cleaner especially if you get breakouts.
Application I prepped my skin with primer (I used my Rimmel one but Bella Pierre do one too you can find it here for £45 which is a little dear) Using a the brush provided I then used the lighter colour (Maple) on my lighter areas and the darker tone (Chocolate Truffle)on darker areas then blended. It took me a little longer than a liquid foundation does e.i 3 minutes as opposed to 1. But I like the overall effect of it and I didn’t even need concealer hazzah!
After Application: I noticed some of the powder had lifted a little so this a little annoying as I had to blow it off so it didn’t mess up the mirror.
Close ups of my face
I liked just having the foundation on but as I  was heading out to dine with the Fox I added lipstick (Givenchy)
Added brow powder (Bobby Brown) and Eyeliner (Superdry) and I was good to go.
I’m really happy with Bella Pierre and have been using and will keep using it regulary – its perfect for me personally just because it gives me full coverage but isn’t so heavy on my skin like my usual foundation. Also I can touch my face and not worry about staining my hands!
I technically could have just used Chocolate truffle but I like using two different colours as that gives the most natual finish.
I get asked if I’m wearing foundation alot when I use Bellapierre as it blends pretty well with my skin and as the finish is more matte than glowy it looks pretty natural.
You can buy Bella Pierre here although when it comes to make up I always say try it in store first to get the exact shade you need.
*Products were gifted to me by Bellapierre but this is all my own honest personal opinion on the products.

Hope you enjoyed my Bellapierre Review



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