The Apartment PreLFW Event

So every season I post about The Apartment PreLFW event (see last years here) it would have been wrong not to do this seasons too.

Our  afternoon began in NEXT with the always lovely Vicky and Ellie and ofcourse plenty of Prosecco and cake pops- because what is a fashion event without Prosecco?Lol. We ran around the store picking up our favourite bits to style up for Fashion Week.

I picked some bangers (think kilt skirt, statement necklace, spectacular knee high boots etc)so stay tuned they are coming up shortly!!

NEXT Cake Pops

Shopping in NExt in London

We then headed over to Claires to pick up some accessories (in my case stocking up on bracelets) because any blogger worth her salt will be rocking a killer arm party?

Shopping in CLaires London

Our shopping excursion ended in Levi wherein I finally found the perfect highwaisted black jeans Hallelujah!!! (Being a curvy girl means constantly searching for the perfect jeans that hug your waist, bottom and legs- it is a struggle people!) An awesome thing I didn’t know about Levi is that they tailor your trousers to fit you-  WIN!!

Levis in London Millie Cotton

Prosecco and Cupcakes

After all that shopping we found we’d worked up quite the appetite (shopping is exercise afterall!), Luckily Abi had already planned dinner. We headed to Aubaine and had a super delicious (not waist or lfw friendly dinner).

We talked food, cameras, phones (cc Three) and generally caught up.

Thanks to Abi and ofcourse The Apartment team for a great start to lfw (and oops I totally stole your instagram photos guys #sorrynotsorry)

Pea and Mint soup Aubain

Windows Phone 42 Megapixels

The Apartment PreLFW Event, Dinner at Aubaine

Aubaine Dessert, The Apartment PreLFW Event

The Apartment PreLFW event




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