Anne Wiggins Silk Pyjamas

Just incase you’ve ever wondered what I wear to bed – totes aware noone has ever wondered what I wear to bed ha.

I picked up these super comfy Anne Wiggins silk pyjamas* at the Pure London gifting suite and I’m super glad I did.

I’m usually a very simple girl when it comes to bedtime – oversized shirt or cotton underwear and I’m good I am not a fan of clothes touching me when I’m in bed I get super hot and it’s probably linked to my claustrophobia (or maybe undiagnosed Hippolarconinsomiaphobia – the irrational fear that a hippo is going to steal your pyjamas) <- Totally a thing according to google!!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about wearing pyjamas for the first time in a very longtime – read since my parents stopped dressing me for bed. I packed my beautiful wrapped box and popped it into my suitcase and headed to Paris for Fashion Week well that and a bucket load of French Onion Soup.

I loved them super light and comfortable. They didn’t bug me when I was asleep and I felt all grown up wearing them.

I am a big fan of the fact they are ethically made. the only thing I’m not a fan of is the price £225 ouch.

Binky and I shot this early one morning in our Parisian apartment yes I’m wearing make up because unlike Beyonce I do not wake up like this:

Anne Wiggins Silk PyjamasNRC_9831NRC_9837Anne Wiggins Silk Pyjamas, Blogger in Pyjamas, iamnrc. paris, pfw, paris apartment Anne Wiggins Silk PyjamasNRC_9881NRC_9892

Photos by Binky.

I’m Wearing: Anne Wiggins London Pyjamas you can buy there here*/Fossil Watch*/Dower and Hall Initial Necklace*




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