Anita Grant Review

.Anita Grant Review, Anita Grant

For years atleast a decade at this point I have been very aware and conscious about what I put in my body what I put on it was always a bit of an after thought as long as it wasn’t tested on animals I  just used usual products everyone uses. Anita Grant Review

Over last year  I have been all about supporting small businesses as you often find gems and seeing as I now run one there’s something to be said for supporting and watching an ethical company grow. After speaking to my friend Zahra(ZigBeswick)  about what I should buy while I was in Miami for my hair and body  she told me about Anita Grant right here in the UK. I decided after looking at the products stateside that I preferred the aesthetic of AG products to anything I’d seen. To me design is just as important as the product quality – something I adhere to within my own work and what I purchase.  So I  waited until I was back to support a UK small business that also happens to be owned by a black woman that also had a sleek aesthetic that I appreciated.

I purchased the Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Vanilla Body Butter, Rhassoul Deep Condish Treatment, Coconut, Milk &Honey Babasu Bar, The Creamy Cafe Latte daily leave in butter and Vanilla Body Oil. As they either appealed to me or are already cult products *cough Rhassoul Deep Condish Treatment cough*. Anita Grant Review


I loved the way the Rhassoul Deep Condish Treatment made my mane feel. I’m about to order a bigger pack this time as it made my hair feel very moisturised and inturn soft. This also has to do with the The Creamy Cafe Latte daily leave in butter and the unrefined Shea Butter. The Shea Butter is for your body and your hair. who doesn’t love a highly functioning double whammy product?

The Organic Cocoa Vanilla Body Butter is very nourishing to the skin and lasts all day but it smells more cocoa than vanilla. It really does feel like butter as you slather it on your skin.Anita Grant Review, Anita Grant

I was really pleased with my Anita Grant purchases sadly the cleaner at the hotel I was staying in threw out my Coconut, Milk &Honey Babasu Bar which works as shampoo and body wash before I got to use it so I can’t wax lyrical about it sadly. *cries first world tears*



So if you’re looking to be good to yourself and the environment checkout Anita Grant her range works for all hair and skin types and I feel there’s a product for everyone.


Have the best week loves!






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