Review| Afternoon Tea at Carmina and Lancelot

Late last week between meetings Daniella and I headed over to Carmina and Lancelot  a stone throw away from Oxford Street for Afternoon Tea.Afternoon Tea at Carmina and Lancelot

Daniella and I both immediately fell in love with the decor and kept snapping away every few minutes as we’d noticed something else. Carmina and Lancelot is a very warm and inviting brassiere much like the owners, both of them were very down to earth and charming. I noticed how they interacted with staff and other patrons alike in a familiar manner.

They do not just offer Afternoon Tea they also offer – Breakfast, Salads and Starters, Daily Specials, Desserts, Panini’s etc.

It is very close to Oxford Street – just through St Christophers Place and a 5 minute walk from Bond Street Station. And is the perfect place to de-stress for a while.

Afternoon Tea at Carmina and Lancelot


The Salon:

After letting me indulge on some very yummy scones and sandwiches Lance Lowe took me downstairs to his salon to show me around.

It is a very intimate  space and I imagine this is why his clients come back again and again. It seems like the type of place where you’d feel like the centre of attention. It is the Anti-Salon different from other salons because it is just you and your stylist in the space.

Unfortunately I had my hair in braids so I couldn’t get it done by Lance. A wide range of  traditional hair treatments is available as well as personalised hair and scalp treatments.

You can get your hair done by a stylist, senior stylist, principal stylist, master stylist or Lance and there are different price lists for each person.

I love that the space is well used and there are magazines and books in ever nook. Lance has fantastic taste in books (I say this as we both seem to have a lot of the same ones!).


Carmina & Lancelot: having a little natter while I snapped away. I chose this shot as it was incredibly natural and unposed.NRC_1822 

And I’ve been informed I must come back for one of Vlads cocktails, he is apparently something of a master mixologist!NRC_1824NRC_1831

There was no pretension, the food was great, the staff lovely-  I’ll definitely be back to try more than the afternoon tea!

*I was a guest of Carmina & Lancelot however as always my review is a reflection of my own thoughts!

Carmina & Lancelot

88 Wigmore Street





  1. Marjorie
    / 11:25 am

    Oh that scone looks divine!

  2. iamnrc
    / 11:32 am

    it was divine

  3. Jen
    / 9:20 am

    this looks great

  4. / 9:20 am

    i love your foodie posts great review

  5. Sarah
    / 2:10 pm

    This looks amazing!! Will definitely check it out next time I’m shopping x


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