Adventures with Nike – The Ultimate Training Experience

Last week I headed off to have an adventure with Nike. Lots of fun was had, lessons were learnt and we lots of activities to keep us moving.Having read the motto for the trip I knew I was going to be pushed to ‘Just Do It’. This is probably my longest post ever in terms of pictures and words so bear with! Also I cut my hair so don’t be shocked lol that post is coming soon. The nike escape

Lets start with a pictorial essay of 3 lovely days spent with some amazing ladies:The nike escape

AS2A9380The nike escape

Day 1 Our first night was spent in the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch where upon arriving to my room I found lots of Nike kit, given that I think a woman can do all things given the right outfit I was feeling pretty pumped for what was coming! We had a gorgeous dinner  and got into our groups- mine was Fit Fashionistas I had the gorgeous Cat, Reem, Carrie, Jay and Fraya with me. After dinner we all went straight to bed as we had a 5 am start.



Day 2 – 5am and all 30 of us half asleep and looking like a little well kitted out Nike loving cult  we all piled into a coach, then a plane, then a bus then a boat and finally found ourselves of the Island of Sark… ofcourse this being a Nike trip we ran to the hotel. Yes ran!

Lunch was a lively affair lots of yummy healthy food and fresh seafood. We talked and hung out by the pool then headed out to a field all set up for Barry’s NTC Class (Barrys Bootcamp and Nike Training Club for the uninitiated).

The nike escape


Barry’s NTC was a non stop class- even between moves we had to keep moving we did burpees, pushups, planks, side planks, interval training and we did some work with resistance bands etc. I found some parts hard but I learnt a lot namely that I need to work on my core strength . Everyone was so encouraging of each other and our trainers Joslyn Thompson, Sonja Moses and Anya Lahiri were awesome!

After bootcamp Alex(Fashercise) and I headed to the showers then jumped in the hot tub because hot tub!


I’m sure you have heard of Nike iD the uber cool service that allows you to completely customise the trainers of your choice. As a group we made a pair and I can’t air to show them to you when they arrive – our group worked every well together and we knew what we wanted! Luckily we did the designing before trying the various homemade wines ha! We then headed of to dinner because sneaker designing is hard work you guys!

AS2A9532 AS2A9536

Day 3- began with a yoga class held by the stunning babin’ babe that is Jess(@FatBhuddaYoga). I may (okay I totally did)  made the people around me laugh with my shrieks of pain, I’ve made it my mission to go to a class at least once a week because I want to be the one laughing next time ha! Also someday  I’m going to do the royal pigeon pose… or die trying!


Our biggest challenge was revealed to us over a yummy post-yoga breakfast. There was going to be biking, trekking, running, climbing and a little caving.

Just before we headed out we had some of the Nike Athletes talk to us about their achievements and struggles which was super motivational.

I was feeling pretty excited and a little scared purely because I hadn’t ridden a bike in 11years and I am not a fan of heights but I was all about Just Doing It! Lots of team work came into play and we all had fun oh and about halfway through I finally managed to wok my brakes ha! Sark is just so scenic that all the hard work just felt so easy. Each part of the challenge had a different name – NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER QUIT (I was definitely telling myself this while scaling down into a cave on my but lol), NEVER QUESTION YOUR CRAZY LITTLE VOICE (the one that says one more set not the one that says finish the whole cake fyi) and LEAP FIRST LOOK LATER.

10645243_768465236532594_4110083462758790418_n Day_Two_0011_Layer 5

For our first challenge we hiked down 300/so rocky steps to the beach and then we had to get back up again! It was tough believe me but we did it and Carly and Charlotte were such babes reminding me not to look down and take it at my pace – panic attack successfully avoided I felt so good having done it and pretty proud – I will forever encourage everyone to face their fears after that!

The next challenge involved pulling and pushing an old fashioned cart – it was a lot of fun and Train Insane (the other group of bloggers) beat us but hey we did it!

Our last challenge was on the other side of the island cue a race against the clock to get there. Once there we had to climb down into a cave – I had my very own cheerleader in the form of our physic Leanne who kept reminding me to stay low and use my Shona bum to help me get down – laughter is definitely the best distraction!

We biked back to the hotel and had a celebration essentially champagne, canapés and bragging rights then it was time to head back home.


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Noone needs to se my sweaty face!

Day_Two_0004_DSC_3655Day_Two_0012_Layer 4

A big thanks to Nike and all the lovely ladies I met – I had an amazing and highly motivational time (seeing so many abs will do that to you!). A special shout out to the most babin of babes Jay, Vicky, Carly, Jocelyn and Jess!




  1. Sophia
    / 9:41 am

    stunning images girl also this sounds like my kind of holiday.

  2. Freya
    / 9:42 am

    OMG your hair!!!! Looks cute though also your curves are ridiculous lady!

  3. / 1:47 pm

    I thought I saw you in Carly’s video!! Looks like an awesome trip x

    • iamnrc
      / 2:05 pm

      It really was!


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