Adventures in Switzerland: What to do in St Gallen


Day 1 in Switzerland was spent traipsing through the streets of St Gallen, visiting the textiles museum and dining in a traditional St Gallen Restaurant. What to do in St Gallen

Walking around the cobbled streets of St Gallen is an experience not to be missed, around every other corner there is something to see. Lots of the old building have simply been restored or renovated and it feels a little like going back in time particularly in the old town. I can’t recommend looking up (while walking) enough as there are many pretty little trellises, flowers and painted window dressings.

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 What to do in St Gallen

Drei Weieren the Three Ponds to you and me are a nice little oasis of peace in the the city. there were people sunbathing, talking and just hanging out unfortunately the water was too cold to take a dip but it is fine now! The ponds were originally built by the monastery nearby for their water needs but they are now a popular destination for outings and swimming. Also there are some nice view of the city.14178798650_c175cb8bcd_o (1)Drei Weieren Switzerland


St Gallen Textiles Museum

Vadianstrasse 2

CH-9000 St. Gallen

+41 (0)71 222 17 44

[email protected]

I loved the textiles museum ofcourse, there was alot much to see and plenty of inspiration.While visiting the museum there was also a showcase on Chinese fashions, also the museum ticket is printed on a piece of printed fabric.

The Textile Museum St. Gallen shows exhibitions on Swiss textile production. Linking the past to the present gives surprising impressions of how the industrial section has developed and what its perspectives are

likely to be. Exquisite materials, embroideries and lace demonstrate the fascinating world of textiles from the Middle-Ages to the present.

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Dinner was held at Erststock-Beizli a pretty little restaurant with all the original wood work, I can imagine it would be a cute little romantic place for two but reservations must be made well in advance.It is popular with the locals which should tell you how good it is.

I wasn’t a fan of the vegetarian option as I found it too salty but the meat course went down very well with everyone else. Dessert was a lovely gelato.

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