Inner Kanye

Mother often comes up with witty oneliners about my outfits as I’m leaving the house.

 With this one I was apparently channelling my inner Kanye (the leather pants & sneaker combo)
and the Cookie Monster (my gilet)… I can’t say I disagree with her lol.
During LFW at the Apartment we could get items out of the sample cupboard (another of Abi‘s genius ideas) to wear and this gilet had me at hello.
Kinda sad I had to give it back
Can I justify spending four hundred& forty pounds to fill the lamb fur gilet shaped hole in my life?
What I’m Wearing:
Gilet – Hoss Intropia*
Top – H&M
Bracelets –
Ring – From a suit of armour
Leather Trousers
Bag – Zara
Wedge Sneakers -Ebay



  1. / 11:47 pm


  2. / 10:02 am

    You look gorgeous. And yes, the gilet is definitely justified. xo

  3. / 11:00 am

    That gilet is incredible. I don’t blame you for not wanting to give it back! xx

  4. / 6:52 pm

    I love the fur gilet, pretty!

  5. / 10:41 pm

    oh, wow, such inspiration outfit. chic 🙂

  6. / 3:00 am

    this is so good! in love

  7. / 6:36 pm

    awesome look <3


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