Keeping It Simple

*I bought these products myself and have used them religious for over a year now.
I’ve always had a hard time finding what works for my skin
and with bloggers lately showing products they use I though I’d show you my personal secret weapons.
With a 43 year old wrinkle free mother who swears by cleansing and toning
(albeit her routine is far more expensive, rigorous and tedious than mine ha) the premise has been ingrained in me.
I have fairly sensitive that hardly ever breaks out now and I think thats all down to these three products, They do what they say on the proverbial tin – they keep my skin blemish free, shine free and feeling lush and I feel good knowing my products are fair trade and a result of sustainable and organic farming.
Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Wash brush and add a pump of foaming cleanser
2. Scrub face using circular motions paying real attention to the tzone
3. Wash off cleanser and dab some toner onto a cotton pad and wipe all over face … Tadaaaa!


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