Restaurant Review| The Helveg Cafe Geneva

Restaurant Review| The Helveg Cafe Geneva

Restaurant Review| The Helveg Cafe Genevathe Helveg Cafe geneva, vegan burger, vegan burger recipe

If you find yourself in Geneva (or like some of the readers I met out there you live in Geneva) I can’t recommend the Helveg Cafe enough.The Helveg Cafe Geneva

The Helveg is not just a cafe but a boutique too- upstairs you can buy lots of vegan and vegetarian friendly products- from herbs to lipstick peeps it a gorgeous little treasure trove.

The Helveg Cafe Geneva

The Food: deliciously refreshing none of the usual ‘vegan’ menu items

The Atmosphere: laid back with a distintly modern vibe and approach to veganism.

Ideal for: hanging out with friends, getting a juice to go post workout and even date it is an all  rounder!

I had raw vegan sushi to start, the Uncle MacVegan burger with french and sweet potatoes and a vegan ‘cheesecake’.

It is extremely gratify to sit down to a meal and feel no guilt (environmental or calorific). Vegan food at times can be bland but there was definitely a delicious cacophony of flavours this time. Yay!

You can read more about the Helveg by clicking here.

Helveg cafe & boutique
Avenue de Miremont 31 ter
1206 Geneva
Tel. 022 347 15 15
[email protected]

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