2013 in review

2013 was an awesome year. it had a lot more good than bad so i can’t really complain. 2013 was a year full of both personal sartorial highs.plenty of laughs were had.

2013 in review

through 2013 i found myself constantly reflecting and attempting to better myself like never before.

i found that

  • i’m stronger than i thought
  • turning 21 immediately made me awesome (i jest)
  • there is strength is forgiveness and that when you forgive it sets you free.
  • it’s okay to cry but it is also perfectly okay not to
  • in times of sickness you realise who is truly by your side
  • my two best friends will do a lot for me – and put up with a lot lol
  • the most important thing is my happiness and its okay to be selfish enough to look after it this meant cutting out what  and whoever wasn’t making me happy2013 in review

in 2013

 2013 in review

my favourite outfits were:

2013 in Review, Top Uk Fashion blogger

detail shots i liked:2013 in Review, Top uk fashion blog

my thing to cook was :

burritos recipe here

and i smelled like:

marni rose

favourite gadget was:

the samsung s4 zoom

samsung s4 zoom

and i fell inlove with:



i’m looking forward to what 2014 has to offer. going in with the positive mindset i seem to have acquired recently. i’ve come to just accept life as it is and not sweat the small and the big stuff. things happen for a reason… i don’t have to know what it is!

love and light mothalovas

nrc x




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