Where to go in Zurich


Day in 2 in Zurich was awesome!! I’ve made a little guide for anyone wondering where to go in Zurich.

It was such a nice warm day and I got to explore around the old town, industrial quarter and ofcourse eat… alot.

Where to go in Zurich

Vohdin – in old town. Its a family owned bakery that had been around for 6 generations. Albert convinced me to have an apfelkrapfen- a light pastry filled with chopped apples  it was super sweet. Where to go in Zurich

Laderach- Chocolate heaven they even have a tap that pours out chocolate (OMG!)

Laderach Zurich

Laderach Zurich

Suskind– for original perfumes.

Scheitergasse 10
8001 Zürich, Switzerland


Suskind Zurich

Suskind Perfumerie Zurich

Clouds Restaurant – The Restaurant is located in the top of the Prime Tower Building. I had a Plum compote with macadamia crumble and white coffee ice cream which cost 10 CHF. It was phenomenal!!

The view was incredible and I loved the decor too.


Maagplatz 5

8005 Zurich,

+41 44 404 30 00

Prime Tower - Clouds restaurant Zurich

Clouds Restaurant Zurich


Plum compote with macadamia crumble  and white coffee ice cream

Plum compote with macadamia crumble
and white coffee ice cream


Viadukt – is a fairly famous shopping area in Zurich. It composes of two railway bridges with stores and restaurants underneath. Its a great and quirky place to shop.

Viadukt Zurich

Viadukt Zurich

Freitag Tower -I’m sure you are all familiar with the Freitag company (if not click here). The Freitag tower is super close to The Prime tower as you can see in my images I found the contrast between the two towers pretty cool.

Freitag Tower Zurich

I then met up with Jen from thestylecrusader blog. She took me to her favourite cafe and I had the most delicious hot chocolate ever (sorry mom yours is now number 2). Jen and her friends then took me to a Moroccan Restaurant called Maison Blunt.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 12.02.00.png

Maison Blunt, Gasometer 5, 8005 Zurich, 043 211 00 33

My evening ended with an Uber Zurich ride home is a gorgeous Jag.

I have an Uber Code for all my Swiss loves. Download the Uber iPhone/Android app.

Type this code in  NRCZURICH for 20CHF of your first ride!!

So that was an amazing Day 2 in Zurich.

Thanks so much to Albert my super lovely guide.



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