Leather Converse yo

Eagle eyes readers will have spotted this outfit in this article on the Guardian site already(here).Leather Converse yo

As a fashion student I’m constantly on my feet making things and other important things (like running to the canteen for food lol) my leather converse come in pretty hand. Regular readers know I’m all about the comfy statement flat. I also love all my chucks, they just add a little something to my outfits. I already have these in black canvas but now prefer  like the leather converses more than the regular canvas ones as the black on these is super black (this makes sense in my head).

I’ve been wearing Converses for well ever since my 14 year old angsty period I went from the high top personalised pairs to the cartoon character themed ones to designer collaboration pair to low top coloured versions and now it seams I’m into low top leather pairs.

Converses are soo easy to wear I like pairing my best jeans a white tshirt and a leather jacket with them for a cool casual outfit for other university days.

I’m Wearing:

Jacket – ASOS

Bag – Accessorize*

Tshirt and Skirt – Motel

Converse – JDSports* here

ILeather Converse

Praduh top

Leather Converse

Have a good one x




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