You be killing ’em

I’ve had this vintage denim dress for a few years and haven’t ever worn it unable to think of some thing to pair it with so after I picked it up in a charity shop forever ago and just forgot about it.
Long story short Leena and I ended up in the park while at uni a few weeks back and et voila this happened.
We took alot of other shots but I didn’t really like them lol I blame Alex for being unavailable -__-. Also I finally got round to using photoshop and inspired by Sin City which I only just got round to seeing I decided to experiment with b/w I’m sure b/w isn’t that impressive but hey I tried.
I’m really digging the 90’s atm although being me I would make it grungey lol. I want more open maxi pieces like this for summer, I love them because I feel like a superhero lol!

Happy Monday and have a lovely week lovelies,

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