Very Slutty Brownies
A couple of months ago Matt sent me a tumblr link to these bad boys he made some they were awesome and then this Saturday I wanted to remake them for my famalamalam just because!
Long story short everyone now loves me and if you want your family to love you better make these brownies [I’m joking here lol brownies do not equal love … or do they? lol ;)]
This is the simplest dessert you’ll ever make and it will feel like there’s a party in your mouth or like your alone on a private island with Channing Tatum & Michael Ealy or like you’ve just run into an ex looking your very best or like you’ve just managed to put on ‘those’ jeans no jumping and brutal force needed, or like… you get it right lol.
Very Slutty Brownies, slutty brownies

Can you make your own brownie/ cookie mix yes but I’m not that anal to be honest, life is too short and who has the time!
IngredientsVery Slutty Brownies
1 Brownie Mix packet( I used Betty Crocker)
1/2 Cookie Mix packet (make sure its relatively the same as the Brownie Mix in Measurements
(^ but mine was White chocolate as I hate hate hate milk chocolate cookies)
1 gg
1tsp Oil (I actually used butter I don’t do oil)
Galaxy bar
Ice Cream I make my own or use Mackies of Scotland its yummers (the ice-cream helps me cope with the sweetness)
1. Make the brownie batter and cookie batter according to instructions.
2. Add Galaxy to your Brownie mix
3. Cover your baking tin in greaseproof paper
4. Pour the cookie mix in
5. Layer the cookie mix with oreos , add Galaxy cookie crumble bits
Pour the Brownie mix on top
6. Make for 30ish minutes until you can poke with a fork and its relatively clean.
Serve with ice cream and drizzle with chocolate sauce 
Et Voila
Love in a bowl!
Your welcome now go make your own!!